10 Best German Food Restaurants In Alabama

Best German Food In Alabama

Discover the Best German Cuisine in Alabama

Alabama is known for its southern-style cooking, but German cuisine has also made its way into the state. From traditional schnitzel to delicious bratwurst, there are many German restaurants scattered throughout Alabama that offer authentic German dishes. In this article, we will explore the best German food in Alabama and where you can find it.

German Food Tradition in Alabama

German immigrants have played a significant role in shaping Alabama’s culinary scene. In the early 1800s, German settlers began to establish communities in Alabama, bringing with them their traditional recipes. Over time, these recipes were passed down from generation to generation, and today, Alabama’s German restaurants continue to serve up delicious, authentic German cuisine.

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The Best German Restaurants in Alabama

Here are some of the best German restaurants in Alabama that you should try:

Das Haus – Huntsville, AL 🍻
The Biergarten – Montgomery, AL 🥨
Wernher Von Braun Center – Huntsville, AL 🌭
Heidelberg Café – Birmingham, AL 🍽️
Bavarian Wagon – Gulf Shores, AL 🍺

What to Expect from German Cuisine in Alabama

If you’re unfamiliar with German cuisine, you’re in for a treat. German food is hearty and filling, with a focus on meat, potatoes, and vegetables. Many dishes are made with pork, such as schnitzel and bratwurst, while others are made with beef or chicken. Sauerkraut, red cabbage, and potato salad are common sides.

FAQs About German Food in Alabama

1. What is the most popular German dish in Alabama?

The most popular German dish in Alabama is schnitzel. It’s a breaded and fried cutlet of meat that’s typically served with a side of potatoes and vegetables.

2. What is the best German restaurant in Alabama?

There are many great German restaurants in Alabama, but Das Haus in Huntsville is considered one of the best. Their schnitzel and bratwurst are must-tries.

3. Is German food expensive in Alabama?

German food in Alabama is reasonably priced. You can expect to pay around $15-20 for an entree at most German restaurants.

4. What is the difference between schnitzel and Wiener schnitzel?

Schnitzel is a breaded and fried cutlet of meat, while Wiener schnitzel is a specific type of schnitzel made with veal.

5. What beers are typically served with German food in Alabama?

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German beers like Warsteiner and Paulaner are commonly served with German food in Alabama. Many German restaurants also offer a selection of imported and domestic beers.

6. What is sauerbraten?

Sauerbraten is a traditional German pot roast that’s marinated in vinegar, wine, and spices. It’s typically served with red cabbage and potatoes.

7. Is it necessary to make a reservation at a German restaurant in Alabama?

It’s always a good idea to make a reservation, especially if you’re dining on a weekend or during peak hours. Most German restaurants in Alabama are small and can fill up quickly.

8. What desserts are typically served at German restaurants in Alabama?

German desserts like apple strudel, Black Forest cake, and Linzer torte are popular at many German restaurants in Alabama.

9. Are vegetarian options available at German restaurants in Alabama?

Vegetarian options are available at some German restaurants in Alabama, but the selection may be limited. It’s always a good idea to check the menu beforehand.

10. What is spaetzle?

Spaetzle is a type of soft egg noodle that’s a staple in German cuisine. It’s often served with gravy or cheese sauce.

11. How spicy is German food in Alabama?

German food in Alabama is not typically spicy, but some dishes may have a slight kick. If you’re sensitive to spice, be sure to ask your server for recommendations.

12. What is the atmosphere like at German restaurants in Alabama?

German restaurants in Alabama typically have a cozy and welcoming atmosphere. Many feature traditional German decor and live music.

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13. What should I wear to a German restaurant in Alabama?

German restaurants in Alabama are typically casual, so you don’t need to dress up. However, it’s always a good idea to check the dress code beforehand.


If you’re looking for delicious German cuisine in Alabama, you won’t be disappointed. With a variety of restaurants to choose from, each offering its unique take on traditional German dishes, you’re sure to find something you love. So why not give German food a try and experience a new culinary adventure?

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