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15 Minute SEO Tricks | How to Make Money – Make Money Online – Make Money

Search Engine Optimization is one of those big, scary terms tossed around by Internet Marketers all the time. In fact, it’s so big and scary that most people just call it SEO so they don’t get chills down their spines. I guess it’s one of those defense mechanisms we all have – instinctively avoiding those things that might just do us harm. With that in mind, I’ve decided to put together a few non-techie tips and tricks that will help you with your SEO. Now, before you skip to the next page, I promise to keep this as painless as possible, so please bear with me until the very end. I think you’ll find it worthwhile.

As you may well know, there are a lot of technical components to SEO. A lot of them go right over my head, too. That’s why I have a webmaster. But some of the more technical parts of SEO actually start with basic concepts that are relatively simple to both understand and control. In fact, every web page should be established on the same fundamental marketing principles you hear over and over: know your customer, focus on your niche, and concentrate on providing quality content (now that wasn’t too bad, was it?).

Knowing Your Customer

Knowing your customer involves gaining an insight into the motivating factors that drive them to purchase products similar to yours. More specifically, it involves knowing what they want in relation to your niche and making your product offering meet that want. Notice that I am using the term “want” instead of “need,” because people are generally much more willing to spend their hard-earned cash on wants. If you are still designing your site, consider including visual clues that will appeal to your target market. Although not specifically related to SEO, the better you can appeal to your target market, the better your site will do.

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Focusing On Your Niche

Focusing on your niche is just another fancy way of saying “choose the right keyword.” Within your niche, there are keywords that will perform better than others. The trick is to find those keywords and use them on your pages. Focusing in on the good keywords will instantly optimize your content. I’ll talk more about this in just a bit.

Providing Quality Content

Concentrating on providing quality content is probably the best way to optimize your pages for the search engines without doing anything technical. I know you’ve probably heard this before, and I’m not the first to say this, but content is king on the internet. The more appealing your content is to your target audience, the better your website will do.

Translating Into Higher Search Engine Rankings

So, those are the biggest areas where you, as an entrepreneur should be placing your focus. Now, let’s assume that you already get these pretty well. You’ve got your website up, you’ve got a great offer, you just aren’t sure that everything is just right to give your web pages the best chance of ranking well in the search engines. What are the things that you can look at to quickly determine if your site needs SEO work? Well, to answer that, you’ve gotta understand what the search engines are looking for.

What All Search Engines Want

Primarily, the search engines all want the same thing: to be able to provide the most relevant pages to each search done on their site. To accomplish this, they have each developed their own custom programs to read, analyze, and process all the different pages on the internet.

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Although these custom programs each vary from search engine to search engine, they have this major component in common: they all look at and analyze the words on every web page to determine what it is about. This means that your keywords are of the utmost importance.

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