How to Quickly Multiply Your Online Content for Faster Traffic

How to Quickly Multiply Your Online Content for Faster Traffic

By far one of the best ways to drive traffic to your website is through “content syndication.” What is content syndication? Taking a piece of your content and placing it on hundreds of different websites or directories. You can do this with videos, audios, blog posts, and articles.

Why does this work so well? When you place one piece of content in hundreds of places online you multiply the chances that Google and your target market can find you. Wouldn’t you rather have hundreds of places that people can find you online instead of just one?

Every time you place a piece of your content on another site, it’s like adding a portal to your website that people can stumble across, come through, and make their way back to you. The more portals…the more chances that people will come through them.

Improve Your Social Media Marketing

Another reason why this works so well is that placing a piece of content on a directory or another site gives you another place that you can send people to from your social networking efforts.

We all struggle with the fact that Facebook and other social networks don’t want us to promote or market ourselves. They hate it when we send people to our squeeze page or sales page. But isn’t that the goal of networking? It’s frustrating, I know.

But hey, Facebook and other social networks don’t care if we send someone to a piece of valuable content that is hosted on a free directory. If the traffic chooses to click on the link in that piece of content that takes them to your website, then it is their own decision, and they are off of Facebook at that point.

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Get More Backlinks

Also, let’s not forget about backlinks. Every time you place a piece of content on another website you have the ability to get a backlink. Backlinks are the main way to raise your placement in the search engines… and when you get to the top of Google because of your massive amount of backlinks… talk about traffic!

The System

Content syndication with articles is one of the easiest ways to syndicate your content, build portals and create backlinks, and here’s why. Creating text content should be a regular habit for any site owner trying to rank in Google’s search engine. You simply cannot get good rankings unless you are blogging consistently with text content related to your keywords.

So if you are doing that consistently anyway, why not syndicate that same content and build portals and backlinks? It’s really just one extra step.

First you need the article itself. You can write it on your own, outsource it, or purchase it from a site that specializes in creating content. Here are a few of those sites:


Either way, your article should be 300 to 500 words. They should not be salesy, and they should not promote your product. Simply create valuable content that relates to your keywords.

Keyword Optimization

Here is how your articles should be keyword optimized. Your keyword (or keyword phrase) should be in the title, the first sentence, the last sentence, and the overall article should have a keyword density of three percent, meaning that for every 100 words in your article, it should show up three times. is a website with a free keyword density calculator tool so you don’t have to waste time (and pull your hair out) counting words.

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Article Spinning

Second, I recommend spinning the article that you place on your blog at least once before submitting to the article directories. The reason for this is that Google will only index one piece of the same content, and you do not want to chance them not indexing your blog.

Spinning is easy… there is more than one way to say the same thing. For example, “I need to go to the store to get something for dinner tonight,” can be spun by changing it to “I should stop by the market to pick something up for supper this evening.” This can be done manually or there are some slick software tools that can help as well. Our favorite is

The System

Once you have a spun version of your article, it’s time to blast it out to hundreds of directories at one time… none of this wasting time with one site at a time. There are a number of tools out there for mass submission of articles, here are two of our favorites:


Before you can use these mass submission tools you must first create an account (user name and password) for each of the directories that they submit to and enter that information into the submission tool. This is a great job to outsource. Once that is done you are ready to submit articles to literally hundreds, if not thousands of sites at a time… and that means hundreds, and thousands of portals and backlinks.

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One note about backlinks: they don’t just happen automatically, you have to place them at the time of submission. When you go to use your mass submission tool, there is a place for you to fill out the “resource box.” This is where the article directories allow you to talk about yourself and promote your website with a link. Make sure to use html code to place your backlinks.

Here is the html format for your link: Your Keyword Phrase Here

Literally place that piece of code in place of where your keyword would go in a sentence. This is how it could look: Visit me at my blog for more information about
Your Keyword Phrase Here.

Take the content that you are already creating, and multiply it by hundreds, build portals and backlinks, and drive massive amounts of traffic with article marketing!